For decades your favorite bathtub has been your right hand. From taking refreshing baths,washing your kids along with singing their favorite wash songs,to cleaning your dogs. As all materials do, it has started now to chip or crack and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

You ,might,also be excited because a brand new,clean,good looking tub its going to take the place of your old bathtub. thin addition will take your bathroom to the next level.

But what kind of bathtub you may choose?

That decision it will be based on two factors:

1) The already existing space and plumbing. If you intend just to replace your bathtub and not the whole bathroom then your choices are standard and limited. The challenge is that a new bathtub cannot easily fit in an already existing space especially when the space is very old. But there is a solution.Manufactures have built bathtub surroundings that help a new bathtub to fit.

2)The purpose of using the new tub. A basic bathtub can be convenient,everyday solution that does its work. But you may now want to spend more time in your bathtub,soak in it and feel like your own home spa.Or to give a more modern look and just choose differently.


So , choosing a completely different bathtub from your previous one it means that your bath space needs to be rearranged .

Then ,you have lots of options like corner bathtub,roman tubs, jacuzzis ,water jet tubs or free-standing tub.

Also,the material of a bathtub matters. From cast iron to acrylic to fiberglass gel-coat ,composite or even wood bathtubs.

As you understand by the previous information replacing a bathtub is not easy and simple as it sounds.

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