The fact is all drain pipes can be clogged. The reason?

Food particles, hair and other small objects like tiny caps, even undissolved soap etc.can overtime be built in the sink drains.

Kitchen sinks can get clogged from grease. Pouring grease into the drain pipes might be watery at first but once the pipe is cold , the grease hardens, and it will cause a drain clog.

Toilets clogs are also common.  This happens when items like baby wipes, hygiene products, Q-tips and other items are thrown into the toilet. This causes the drain to build up residue and clog.

You may try to unclog pipes but sometime nothing will seem to work. If you continue to try, you may cause things to get worse.

Your drain may break or even worse the root problem may come from the main drain outside of your house.

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Because we love our customers here are a few tips to prevent clogging drains in the future.

  • Pour grease (cooking oils and fats) into a plastic bag or zip lack and throw it in your trash can NOT in your kitchen sink.

  • Clean your kitchen or bathroom sink often by pouring hot water and dish soap into your sinks.

  • Do not throw any objects in your toilet except toilet paper if your toilet is designed for it.

  • If you suspect that your drains are starting to get clogged, pour down sink baking soda and vinegar mixture. one-part baking soda three parts vinegar.

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