Faucet installation and repair.

You are in bed trying to relax and have a nice sleep but the drip-drop sound doesn’t let you fall asleep.Then ,you just put earplugs trying to ignore that annoying sound. Is the problem fixed?

No way! Leaky faucets can cause much bigger problems and its not worth it to take the emotional and financial risk.


• Water bills will be much more expensive.it is estimated that leaky faucets can waste 1-gallon water waste per day or 29 gallons per month. That means your water bill will go up and you might wonder why.

• Serious potential home damage. The leaky faucet it will get worse overtime for sure. It will will not be fixed by itself for sure.Water drippings can run down your cabinets and create mold or even worse damage the wood floors underneath even ceilings. Now you have created more and bigger problems such as cabinets, underlying wood floor and ceiling replacement.

Did you try fixing your problem yourself? If you know what you are doing you are fine,but you need the knowledge,the tools and time.

Your faucet may need to be replaced because its parts like o-ring are rusted or the water is leaking around the base or the faucet is discolored.

Or your faucet is not efficient anymore. What that means? Old faucets do not save water like new technology faucets. The difference is that an old faucet consumes more water gallons per minute. Instead a new one saves more water which means you save on your water bill. And water bills are not a joke. They are getting more and more expensive.

And note that for an old faucet (more than 8 years old) you cannot find replacement parts anymore.

Or you just simply bought a new kitchen or bathroom faucet that needs to be installed correctly .

So give your kitchen or bathroom a new ,fresh,modern look.

You know we are here for you. Do not hesitate to call EMPIRE PLUMBING AND HEATING to fix the problem the correct way and why not take something off your plate?

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