We know what you need. A home that is cozy,welcoming,efficient and energy saving. We want the same for you and your families.

You may consider equip your house with gas operating appliances like natural-gas ovens,cook tops, ranges, dryers,and home heating appliances .And you are right.Buying appliances that run on natural gas is a smart move.


Natural gas makes your appliances getting heated faster and get cold immediately after you turn off the flame. For example , a gas operating furnace provides warmer air. That means you save on your energy bills.

Who doesn’t want that?

Investing on your home appliances is something that you won’t regret later.

But you may have some safety concerns. We don’t blame you.

Improper gas lines and gas operating appliances is a real and danger. Gas can leak and release carbon-monoxide . And because it is odorless and colorless it can lead to death .

So IT IS MANDATORY to hire a licensed plumber and gas fitter that he has the expertise in installing gas lines and gas run appliances .

Safety comes first and for EMPIRE PLUMBING AND HEATING LLC, your trusted local plumber , this is one of our main rules and values.

We never put profit before safety and quality work.

If you right now are exploring our website and read this content you have done the right first step to secure that your house will be a safe ,efficient,energy saving and enjoy full environment to live for the rest of your life.

So ,do not hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment.We proudly serve Maryland citizens for over 25 years. Our expertise includes gas lines installations,gas running cooking appliances,and water heating appliances and home heating appliances.

And please do not trying to compare our services with unlicensed guys that they call themselves “plumbers”.