A sink is one of the most important fixture of your home. It doesn’t only give a good look to your kitchen or bathroom but also it offers a convenient,efficient place for your everyday needs.

Choosing the right faucet is always an important factor to do your life easier for a long period of time.

So, what are some things you need to consider?

First , pricey items are not always a guaranty for quality. But one thing is for sure. Stainless steel sinks are the best choice for kitchen sinks because are more sanitary, do not rust or chip and stay shinier for longer. But installation it might be a challenge. So, is it a do it yourself project?

You may love to do things by yourself but hold this excitement for a minute. Why?

Many factors can impact your kitchen sink installation such as

•Where the drain hole is located

•What kind of kitchen sink you prefer ,like under mounted ,through style ,top-mount and farmhouse.

•The size of your cabinet

•Double or single kitchen kitchen sink

•Sink’s depth

How about bathroom sinks? You deserve the best choice for this valuable room. Something that saves space but offers great functionality

•Pedestal bath sinks. Save space in a small bathroom

•Wall mounted . Also saves space and its recommended for small space baths and powder rooms.

•Drop in sink. Offers also space for storage underneath .

•Under-mount sink.It gives a modern,seamless counter-space.

•The vessel sinks. A late trend. Gives a very modern and classy look to your bath space.

•The vanity sinks. Do you have enough space in your bathroom? Why not consider this option?You can organize your bath storage in the most efficient way. Or make double sink area.

Do you also, consider a sink installation for your utility room or a mop sink?

CALL EMPIRE PLUMBING AND HEATING LLC for a consultation in order to discuss your needs,bath space,your taste and existing plumbing fixtures.

Investing in the right  kitchen or bath sink is a smart choice . And choosing the right plumber is the smartest idea.

We do consultation and kitchen ,bath sink installations for over 25 years in Maryland State.

Be smart about what you choose to invest in your house because its not just a long-term investment but also an every day worth of enjoyment.

We are here to help for your sink installation!

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