Do you need water filtration installed?

Do you need a water filter installation? Let’s examine the scientific facts. Tap water contains microscopic organisms, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides that enter your body when you drink unfiltered or tap water. You need to know that water is filtered BEFORE it enters the distribution system and not after. The water delivery system may contain rust in pipes, and unlike food, water affects your health directly because it goes through your body. If you think bottled water is the solution, think again. Bottled water is simply tap water in a bottle that may have also been exposed to heat before refrigeration.

Are you taking precautions?
You need a water filter installed in your house. It can remove unwanted contaminants and make water safe to drink and even improve the taste.

Are all water filters a good fit for your house and your needs?
No, some water filters eliminate bacteria but not chemicals. Don’t hesitate to call EMPIRE PLUMBING AND HEATING LLC, the experts in water filters installations and repair. Our expertise will improve your water quality and protect your family’s health.