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Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC takes pride in providing full-service plumbing  work for locals. We’ve been family-operated and Veteran-owned since we started back in 2014. Think of us anytime you need a plumber in Perry Hall, MD.

A Full Suite of Solutions for All Needs

Let our team handle all the following plumbing services whenever you need them:

Hydro Jetting – For a sewer line solution that’s chemical-free and effective, our hydro jetting service is the perfect option.

Drain Cleaning – Your slow-moving drains will eventually stop completely. Let us clear away obstructions so that your home stays dry and clean.

Water Heater Service – Nobody likes to head to the shower and find that there’s only cold water. Whatever is ailing your water heater, we can take care of it.

Gas Line Installation and Repair – If it’s time to replace problematic old lines or if you just need to expand gas service in your home, we can get the lines in place.

Water Line Repair and Replacement – We’ll take care of the repair and replacement of anything on your side of the meter, from the service line right down to the last faucet.

Water Leak Detection – It takes our special skills to track down and deal with water leaks without needless damage to walls and floors.

Sewer Camera Inspection – We won’t have to dig up your whole yard to find a sewer leak. Our camera inspection system will help us pinpoint the problem so that we only dig what we have to.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement – Once we track down the problem, we can efficiently make repairs and replacements.

Grease Traps – Every commercial kitchen can benefit from the sanitary results of our grease trap cleaning service.

Sump Pump – Sump pumps are a must in areas like Maryland, and we’ll keep yours in good working order to protect your basement.

Residential Plumbing – We focus on plumbing work in residential locations throughout our area.

Commercial Plumbing – We’re not limited to homes, though. We handle commercial plumbing work as well.

New Construction – Have your contractor talk to us about installing the plumbing in your new home.

Bathroom Plumbing – Bathrooms use a lot of water, and we can troubleshoot anything that may be going wrong with them.

Kitchen Plumbing – Don’t let kitchen water problems worry you. We can deal with whatever repairs and replacements you need.

Toilets, Faucets, & Sinks – Save on your water bill by letting us install efficient fixtures in your kitchen and bath. Your project will actually help pay for itself!

We Are Your Best Bet

We never contract out the job. If you hire us, we do the work. We’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and we do all work in compliance with Maryland code.

Contact Us Today for Reliable Solutions for Your Plumbing-Related Concerns

Reach out to Empire Plumbing and Heating to start talking about your plumbing needs. Call us or fill out the form for an appointment.

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Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
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