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Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC is a well-established, veteran-owned and family-operated plumbing company located in Baltimore, MD in Baltimore County. Founded by Spyridon Vouros, we provide a comprehensive range of commercial and residential plumbing services at a competitive price. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind, and all our new installations are in compliance with the State of Maryland’s plumbing code.
Here at Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC, our reputation for effectively and affordably serving customers throughout the region goes before us, and we work each day to keep it that way. We always strive to foster closer relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers, built on the principles of honesty, integrity and mutual benefit. Our founding principles of providing quality work, first class customer service and unrivaled industry expertise remain strong up to date.

Our Founder

Spyridon Vouros is the owner and founder of Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC. He began his plumbing career as an apprentice plumber in 1996 in Greece. He joined the Plumbing Apprenticeship Program in Athens, Greece for 2 years and worked full time. He later graduated to a journeyman plumber and thereafter became a Master Plumber after two years of experience.
In 2003, Mr. Vouros moved to the USA and joined the apprentice program for 4 years. Upon completion, he became a journeyman plumber and after 2 years, he became a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter in the State of Maryland. He is a certified aquatherm pipe installer. Mr. Vouros also holds an advanced Certificate from the HVAC School with 3.8 GPA out of 4.0. He is currently working to get his HVAC License.
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Family Owned Plumbing

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized by all our customers as an excellent provider of professional, honest and skilled plumbing services and customer care. We strive to welcome each job with a clean, polite and courteous manner along with attention to detail.

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Our core values include:

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Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
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