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Gas Line Repair and Replacement Services in Baltimore, MD and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a fast and reliable gas line repair or replacement in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas? Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC is the name to trust. Call to schedule a service or learn about our 24 hour gas line repair emergency service.
When you have a gas leak, the best the gas company can do is shut off your gas. You need a licensed, experienced gas line plumber in Baltimore, MD from Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC to both detect and fix the dangerous leak as soon as possible. We are ready to offer our comprehensive gas line services, day or night. Our team is here to help you with your gas line emergency when you need us most. Call us today to request a service.
At Empire Plumbing and Heating LLC, we’ve been helping our customers with gas leak detection and repair in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality professional service at a competitive price. When you trust us as your gas line contractor, you can feel secure that you’re getting the service you need when you need it.

Safe Gas Line Installation & Repair in Baltimore, MD and Beyond

Any time you purchase and install a new gas-powered appliance, it typically requires the installation of a new gas line. When our gas plumbers arrive at your property, we will determine where the gas line can safely be installed to supply your new appliance. Additionally, we can handle any local inspections or permits that must be completed prior to the installation.
We are also qualified to perform reliable repairs should you experience a problem with your gas line.

Common causes for gas line problems include:

3 Signs You Have a Gas Leak in Your Home

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If you think your gas line needs repair, it is best to have our plumbers come out to look at it the same day you notice the problem and complete any plumbing repairs or replacement necessary. Contact us today if you smell gas in your home or see one of the other warning signs your gas line needs repair.

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Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
Empire Plumbing & Heating LLC in Baltimore, MD - Quote
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